Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love Rieslings!

Ever since I have been drinking wine I have had an affinity with Rieslings. Way back when I was introduced to the beauty of the grape when I was able to taste many of the great Rieslings of Germany. I remember meeting Fritz Hassenbach of Gunderloch Estates, the only German winemaker to be given multiple perfect scores from the Wine Spectator magazine (He actually came to Stargazers to host a Winemakers dinner in 2003). The experience meeting Fritz was wonderful and over the years I have had the pleasure to enjoy many of his wines, including one of his 100 point wines.

Now I still enjoy a good bottle of German Riesling now and again but not very often. Why would I when we can make just as good a wine here in Ontario. Niagara makes some stellar Rieslings. Angels Gate, Cave Springs and Vineland have been perennial favorites of mine. I am pleased to say that Lake Erie North Shore Rieslings are up to par with both Niagara and Germany. The Sanson Estates 2007 Riesling is a very pretty wine and typical of the style. There is a beautiful pear nose with luscious stone fruit flavors. I like my Rieslings very racy so for my taste it lacks acidity but the supple mouth feel is quite pleasant.

I have a bottle of the 2006 and 2007 Rieslings from Smith & Wilson chilling in my fridge and I will give you my report on the difference in years shortly.

Until then, Drink up!

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